WA Book Report II

Washington Book Report II
Bastyr April 6-11, 2006

I spent the entire week at Bastyr University in Kenmore , Washington, which is surrounded by a state park and so while there was not much diversity, I did get a couple of good walks in the woods. There were not that many flowers or plants in general (diversity), and since I knew many of them on sight, I mostly needed books to sort out species and so I stuck to numbers one and two below. If I was in a place with more plants, I may have used more and different books.

1)Plants of the Pacific Coast-Pojar & Mackinnon
This is the one I used for quick reference, and it has many good aspects including reasonable photo’s (though small) and sometimes a characteristic black and white drawing. The biggest problem is that is not close to inclusive, though it does seem to have the most common plants, the ones most likely spotted. So basically it rocks, with some limitations as most easy field guides contain.

2)Flora of the Pacific Northwest-Hitchcock & Cronquist
Well, there is no real choice for a flora of this region (this is the one), but I became a little less enamored with it, as it did not have the very common weed Ilex aquifolium. Though to be fair, perhaps it was not common in the 70’s when this book was written. A good key and the little black and white illustrations on the side of the pages are helpful

3)Plants and Animals of the Pacific Northwest-Kozloff
I did not use this at all this trip, though I will look thru it soon to identify the slugs I photographed. And I did recommend it to students as a nature read.

4)Wildflowers of the Western Cascades- Ross & Chambers
Good photos do recommend this book to the casual plant enthusiast, but I did barely glance at it once. I will try to use it next time

5)Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest- Taylor & Douglas
I did not use this, as I didn’t leave the Bastyr grounds, though as I look thru it now at home, it seems like it may be helpful. The photos look good as well as text. Bring again and look at it next time you.