7Song's Traveling Schedule

Teaching Schedule 2016

25th April to 2nd of May 2015



The above link is for a Google calendar with my traveling teaching schedule. All of the classes listed are open to the public (I am also teaching at a few herb schools). The dates begin in February and continue through October. 

Most the classes below also have clickable links to Facebook pages and websites

The dates below are confirmed, though there may be minor changes and details filled in as well as classes added. Check back every once in a while if you are interested in attending a class or course. 

If you have specific questions about the classes, please contact the organizers.

I will be posting changes every few weeks.

Here is a list of the class titles and the places I will be teaching. 


February 15-19 Costa Rica, Punta Mona-Herbal First Aid Training. Students will be going from here to practice first aid at the Envision Festival

February 25-28 Costa Rica-Envision Festival-Herbal first aid in practice

March 3-6 Costa Rica-Medicines from the Edge-Herbal conference

April 1-3 White Lake, Michigan-Herbal First Aid at Jim Mcdonald’s

April 5-Detroit, Michigan-Community Herbalism

April 27 Atlanta, GA-Herbalista Community Health Fair-Herbal Medicine and Mental Health. Free 45 minute class

April 28 Atlanta, GA-Herbal Medicine and Mental Health at the 'Big House'

April 30-Asheville, NC-Plant Walk with an Emphasis on Wildcrafting and Clinical Uses with the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine

May 1-Asheville, NC-Herbal Medicine for Treating Pain, Infection and Inflammation with the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine

May 1 Asheville, NC-Mental Health and the Community Herbalist. This class focuses on the various common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma. 

May 4-9 Woodbury, Tennessee-A range of classes including plant walks and botany skills, clinical herbal skills, local plant medicines, body system overviews and treatment strategies with the Short Mountain Herbalist Guild. 

May 11-15 Castleton, VA- Herbal First Aid and Botany Intensive at Green Comfort Herb School. Other classes include wildcrafting, medicinal uses of local plants and herbalist clinical skills. 

May 17-20 Keyser, WV-Herbal First Aid, Botany, Local Medicinal Plants

June 3-5 Shrewsbury, UK-Radical Herbal Gathering in England. Classes and discussions on how herbal medicine fits into social justice and community issues

June 11-12 Dorset, UK-Herbal First Aid for the Home and Botany Skills.

June 14-16 Lewes, UK-Herbal Intensive- I will be teaching with other UK teachers. My focus will be on plant identification, herbalist clinical skills, herbal first aid and nature walks. 

June 18-19 London, UK-Herbal Medicine for Mental Health and First Aid

June 22-23 Cork Co, Ireland-First Aid and Mental Health with the herbalist Nikki Darrell.

June 28-July 7-Rainbow Gathering Northeast, US-Working at the first aid station. See details.

August 14-Los Angeles, CAWildcrafting class

August 18-20- Irvine, CA-IM4US Conference-Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, accessible integrative health care

August 25- Forestville, CA-Herbal Medicine for Internal and External Infections at the CSHS

August 28-September 5-Burning Man-Black Rock City, NV- I will be teachins some classes and offering herbal health care at the Heebeejeebee Healer Camp

September 10-11- Williams, OR-Community First Aid Workshop at the Hawthorn Institute

September 15-18-Cloudcroft NM-Traditions of Western Herbalism Conference

September 20-21- Eugene, OR-Herbal Classes to be decided

September 22-Portland, OR-Essential Herbal First Aid Tools at the School of Traditional Western Herbalism. 

September 28-October 2- Bow, WA-Botany and Herbal First Aid Skills Intensive.

October 8-9 Kenmore, WA-Herbal First Aid: For Home, Travel, Emergencies and First Aid Stations at Bastyr University