School Grounds

The Schoolhouse.

This is my home, which is also the school house. The classroom is the lower glass 'solarium' part of the home. This photo was taken in March.
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine


Another photo of the class taken from the pond. The classroom is in the foreground of the buildings with the white shades pulled. Photo taken in September
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine


Below is the pond as seen from the classroom in June.
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine


Another view of the school from the pond in September.
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine


Winter View.

A view that students will rarely see unless they stay in Ithaca. Below is our first snow of November 2007 as seen from the school. It is early enough that some plants are still green and sticking up through the storm. Beautiful, no?
NSBM-A view student's don't often see

Original Site.

Below is a photo of the humble origins of the school. This was my  home and also the school from 1992-1998, when I moved to my current location. It was about 15 miles southeast of Ithaca. It is very rural, with no electricity, nor running water. Propane lamps provided light, and a woodstove for heat. It was a beautiful place to be amongst and learning about the plants.
NSBM-First Schoolhouse