Student Photo page

NSBM 1994-Class photo 
NSBM 1994 (partial)-Field trip

Left to right: Karen, Melanie, Jolie, Corey-Pine, Amy

NSBM 1995
NSBM Class of 1995-Field trip

Left to right: Carol, Valerie, Frank, Michael, (?), Pam, Sundog, Brent, Heather, Shawn, Greg (?)

NSBM 1997-Class Photo
NSBM Class of 1997- at Paul Strauss's in Southern Ohio

Front row sitting: Julie, Bob Wolfe, Paul (teacher), Monica, Jaci, Aldo, 7Song, Julie

Back row standing: Oliver (cook 1),  Ned, Kari, Shea, Catherine, Juliet (cook 2)

NSBM 1998-Class Photo

NSBM Class 1998- Taughannock State Park

Left to right, top to bottom: Paul Choi, Meg Richards, Amy Trynoski, Kari Radoff, Kuo Hung-wen, Zia Knupp, Aileen, 7Song, emma-jo baker, Khum pani, Rob Llwyd, Cecily Green, Bevin Clare, Helena Wu, Seango Rocky.

NSBM 1997-Class Photo at Healing Spirits Farm
NSBM Class of 1999- at Healing Spirits Herb Farm

Left to right: Meg, Tim, Dimitri, 7Song, Angela, Rob, Rachel, Ula, Jed, Amy

NSBM 2001-Class Photo

NSBM Class of 2001-at my home

Very bottom row; Stephanie, Jeph, Susan  Next row up; Kaliyani, Kimberly, 7Song, Priscilla, Katie,
Second row from top; Adam, Emma, Lissa, Dorene, Lily  Top row; Val, Julia, Chris, Ashley, Jen

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine 2004 -Class photo

NSBM Class of 2004 California, that's Mt.Shasta in the background

Front row (kneeling): kyle, Alicia, Stephanie, Brighid, Erin
Middle row (from the far left and all the folks on the right side): Owen, Dawn, Heather, Aisha, Jacoby, 7Song, Danielle, Kalan, Missy, Amy, Cassidy, April
Back row (the 3 on the left): Jen, Baruch, Taylor

Class photo

NSBM Class 2006- Taughannock State Park-September 26,2006

From left to right; 7Song, Ellen, Anna, Nikole, Luke, Sera, Scott, Amy, West, Wendy, Joha, Kate, Laura

     NSBM Class photo 2007

NSBM Class 2007 (without Emma and Ryan)

Back row; Greg, Claire, Heather, Running wolf, Brittany, Karen, Sophie, Bryan

Front row; Pearl, Jes, 7Song, Ian



NSBM 2008

NSBM 2008-(approximate l-r) Lauren, Holly, Lacey, Luette, Ryan, John, Naomi, Sarah, Eliza, Evan, Lauren, Monique, 7Song

NSBM 2009 Class Photo at Taughannock SP

NSBM 2009

Back row-Nicole, Jocelyn, Rudy, k, Sahiya, 7Song, Luna, Paola

Front row-Simon, Josh, Joseph, Zoe, Marietta, Chelsea

NSBM 2010-Class Photo

NSBM 2010 - From left to right-Ellery, Friede, Channelle, Adrienne, Patrick, Simone, 7Song (kneeling), Terra, Karen, Chelsea, Jen (face hidden), Emily, Ruth

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine 2011

NSBM Class 2011

NSBM 2010-Class Photo

Class photo

NSBM Class 2013