Wildcrafting And Medicine Making Tools-Cleavers

Wildcrafting and Medicine Making tools Wildcrafting and Medicine Making tools-For Cutting

There are many styles of cleavers, and I usually carry 2 or so when I am traveling and wildcrafting. In this photo the small one on the right, I donít use as a cleaver but as a debarking knife (see draw knife). The middle one I use the most due to its weight, style and handle. The large one on the left is a heavy butcher cleaver, and I use this one for large tough plant material where the cleaverís weight is helpful to cut through the plants. I purchase most of my cleavers inexpensively in Chinatown, NYC. Someone made me leather cases for the two on the right and I made a cardboard case for the large one. This is helpful as I keep them sharp, and they could easily damage people or supplies being transported around.