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On this page, you will find a wide variety of photos. Most of these are of plants, generally keyed-out (identified) by yours truly. I have been taking these pictures for about 5 years in the hopes of one day having this page set up, and I am excited to see it begin and hope that it is helpful to other plant enthusiasts.                                         

There are also a number of other photo types, such as animals (insects, arachnids, mammals, etc.), places I have visited, people and first aid incidences. The easiest way to access these are through the categories. Over time I will be trying to tighten up the ways to search for different photos .

These photos are not copyrighted and can be freely downloaded. I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge where these photos came from.

Please Note- This Photo page is just beginning. I will be adding photos for many moons to come. Please check back occasionally, or give me a holler if you are looking for a particular plant or other type of photo

 Keying is Believing

Most of the plant photos were generally keyed-out to genera or species by myself. There are bound to be some mistakes in identification, so please feel free to contact me with any corrections. If you think it is a different plant, please let me know which plant you think it is and include any references as well.

I have purposefully excluded any subspecies, varieties, etc.

Please contact me with any corrections through the contact page. Thank you for helping in this