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I will not be running the school in 2016 and the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine will begin again in May 2017. I will be traveling and teaching extensively in 2016. If you are interested in my schedule, please see here.

Within this website you can find current information about the three herbal medicine programs, as well as informative handouts, syllabus, application forms, blog and a calendar of events. There is a photo section with many photos of the school, wildcrafting trips, animals, plants, places, and other nature photos. 

There is also information on other areas where I am involved such as the Ithaca Free Clinic and teaching abroad.  If you are interested in a more ongoing discussion, see my blog or Facebook pages (7Song and School page)


Northeast School of Botanical Medicine Program


I will not be running any of the programs in 2016. Instead I will be traveling and teaching in the US and abroad. Here is the schedule
The school programs will resume in 2017.

Apprenticeship Program

The current apprenticeship is different than most years, as I am not running the school in 2016.
I will be traveling extensively from May to October 2016, and so the apprenticeship will not be nearly as intensive. When I am home, the apprentices will accompany me to the Ithaca Free Clinic as usual and in exchange help with gardening, medicine making and other tasks.

I am looking for 2 apprentices who would like to begin the apprenticeship around August 2016 and work with me until December 2017. I realize that this is a long commitment. I will also be looking for people who want to begin the apprenticeship later in the 2016 and again end in December 2017.

If you are interested, please call or email me so we can begin the interview process. It is always helpful to speak with former apprentices to get their personal insights of what the apprenticeship entails.

Overview of Programs

This page is a good place to learn about the classes, the emphasis and focus of the school for potential students to get an idea of why you would choose to attend the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

Community Herbalism Intensive (450 hour 7 month course)

The next program will be begin in May 2017

This is a comprehensive, hands-on program. It meets 3 days weekly from May to November along with extended field trips. It is geared to give students an in-depth western clinical herbalist training including materia medicia, wildcrafting, medicine making, physiology, clinical and counseling skills and well as a practical participatory education.
While you are welcome to visit the program while it is in session, you do not have to come in for an in-person interview to be a part of this course.

Weekend Herbal Program (One weekend per month)

The next program begins in May 2017. Please note that is class is often full by February.

This is a one weekend per month class meets from May-November (except September) where NSBM Weekend Program 2011students gain a practical understading of clinical herbalism, plant identification, wildcrafting, medicine making, and the other aspects of herbalism.

  • Please note-There are no extended field trips though we visit local enviornments 



Weekend Herbalism Progam 2011 debarking Willow

 Upcoming Classes Abroad with 7Song

7Song teaches at a number of schools, conferences and other venues around the country, please see here for his teaching schedule

PhotosWhite-faced Meadowhawk

One of my favorite pastimes is taking photos of plants, with a focus on medicinal plants. The plants here are accurately labeled and can be used for help in identification.
As a naturalist, there are also many photos of animals, insects and landscapes. There are also photographs of previous classes and the places we've been. It is searchable, and a good place to get a sense of the different programs


Applications, Handouts and Syllabus

This section contains handouts used in classes, the school's application and other informative material. There is a wide variety of topics here, so please browse for any information you may find helpful. 

Herb Articles

Here are a number of articles relating to herbs, books, or any subject that did not make it to the handouts or blog sections. These include a number of book reviews on the plant guides I use to identify plants in my travels.

Dryden, NY

 NSBM 2010 Durland Bird Sanctuary