List and Links for 7Song Videos (many of these can be seen below)

Plants/Materia Medica

Skullcap as a First Aid Plant

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)

Harvesting Willow Bark (Salix spp)

Calamus (Acorus calamus)

Chaparro amargosa (Castela emoryi)

Silk tassel (Garrya flavescens)

First Aid

Herbal First Aid-Eye Cups and Eye Washes

Herbal First Aid at the Rainbow Gathering (2011)

Demonstration of Making and Activated Charcoal Poultice (2015)

Other Topics

A Tour of the Ithaca Free Clinic (2014)

Crafting Herbal Formulas for Individual Constitutions Pt 1 (2000)

Crafting Herbal Formulations for Individual Constitutions Pt 2 (2000)

Calamus (Acorus calamus)- A pondside discussion

Blue vervain (Verbena hastata)- A pondside discussion

Skullcap as a First Aid Plant

Eye Cups and Eye Washes in Herbal First Aid