Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

The below handouts are divided into 3 sections. The first section is related to the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and includes the application and syllabus. The next group is a wide variety of handouts, useful for incoming students and anyone interested in herbal medicine. The final section is dedicated to related links. Feel free to download any and all. Some of these handouts are occasionally revised. If you have already downloaded them, you may want to check to see if you have the most current copy. I hope you find this useful.

School Application Form

This is the School Application for all Northeast School of Botanical Medicine classes.


Note: There is now a calendar on this website under ‘Program & Classes’. The calendar has more specific information on dates and classes and will reflect any changes.


Northeast School of Botanical Medicine Blogs


Northeast School of Botanical Medicine Handouts


First Aid

Body Systems

Medicine Preparation and Herbal Pharmacy

 Clinical Skills and Practice

 Specific Health Issues

Other Subjects

Handout Binder

Handout Binder 2024-most years, I go through my handouts, fix some of them up, put them in order, and make a paper binder for the students. This is an online version of that binder with hyperlinks. It is 281 double-sided pages.


Books, Tools, and Equipment Lists

Wildcrafting Lists

These are lists I made for gathering and admiring different plants during the year. These lists focus on the Northeastern US.

Specific Medicinal Plants

Dystopian Post-Collapse Classes

These classes are often regional, and the various handouts may have different medicinal plants or scenarios due to the location of the class


Ithaca Free Clinic

Herbalist Consultations at the Ithaca Free Clinic-these are the steps and directions for setting up a free herbal consultation at the Ithaca Free Clinic (December 11, 2020).

PowerPoint Presentations


I made these charts for the Ithaca Free Clinic waiting room. They are set up for quick information for some common health issues, and to make them pretty, they have photos of each of the plants.  The ‘Notes’ handout below is to help flush out details.

Class Outlines and Notes

These are outlines I made in preparation for presentations and classes.  They are here for folks making similar presentations and are looking for outline notes. They are personalized but can be adapted to your needs.

External Resources

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