So, you want to be an Herbalist, eh?

Each year, the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine brings together a group of folks interested in the study and practice of herbal medicine. Each herb student brings their unique background and knowledge into this plant and clinic-focused herb school.  Throughout the course of this botanical program, we become a more intimate group as personal perspectives and insights are shared. A goal of this herbal program is for this diverse group of students to form a community of colleagues and to share what they are learning as well as spend time identifying, wildcrafting, and medicine-making in between classes. This augments the herbal information taught during the school year.

After classes, herb students range far and wide, sharing their experiences and information along with the sophistication and practicality of herbal medicine. Some of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine’s best resources are the students themselves. While we are just starting up this part of the website, the hope for this section are manyfold. For one, we would like to share class photos, stories, anecdotes, and other such things gleaned from the herb classes here. Also, we envision this page as a networking resource and a place where NSBM alumni can share information on what they are currently doing and how to be contacted, resources they are looking for or can provide to others, further stories of their herbal journeys, and whatever else one wants to share. For people who are considering herbal studies, we hope that this will develop into a way that they can contact NSBM students, past and present, to get some ideas on what this herbal education is like and what other herbal schools and learning opportunities might suit their needs.

Herb Student Information

There are a few ways to start the process of enrolling in this herbal program.

  • Call or Email
    First, you can simply give me a phone call (between 9:00 am-6: 00 pm Eastern time), or send an email from the Contact page.
  • Fill Out an Application
    You can also fill out an application (see the Handouts page) and send it either post or email. Or, if filling the application out online is easier, you can do so on the Application page.

Please write or call with plenty of lead time, so I can let you know if I will be here. I travel a lot in the winter months, so please call when you know you are seriously interested so we can set up a time to chat.

I look forward to speaking with you and look forward to elucidating your herbal education,

–  7Song

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