Wildcrafting Tools-Digging Fork And Accessories

Additional Information:

Scientific Name: Wildcrating Tools
Family: Digging fork, wire brush and lead pipe
Description: The most common large wildcrafting digging tool I use is the digging fork. One of the main differences between it and other garden forks is that it has square (rather than flat) tines, so they do not bend as easy. The hollow lead pipe is to bend the tines back into position when they do bend. I do this by putting the pipe over the errant tine, find a tree with a crook in it, put the lead piped tine into the crook, and using the handle, bend it back to as close as I can to its original position. It takes a while to get the knack of it, but it works pretty good, heading off a lot of frustration of not being able to dig. The wire brush is to remove the dirt from the tines, this is to help keep them clean and to stop them from rusting by removing wet soil
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