Wildcrafting Tools-Pruners

Additional Information:

Scientific Name: Wildcrating Tools
Common Name: Wildcrafting-Cutting tools
Family: Pruners
Description: Pruners are probably the most often used tool by wildcrafters. I strongly suggest not scrimping and purchasing a dependable one that fits comfortably in your hand. I like Felco pruners which come in a number of styles. My favorite is probably the Felco #6 (left side of photo), partly due to it being lightweight. The Felco #8 is also good, and a bit more ergonomically designed. If you get the chance, try some out before purchasing. They should be kept sharp for minimum damage to the plant and wear on you. They can be a bit difficult to sharpen, as they are flat on one side and beveled (slanted) on the other. There are two basic styles of pruners, bypass and anvil. I prefer bypass pruners in which the two blades pass each other giving a cleaner cut. The anvil type is where the blade meets a flat (anvil type) surface. They are better if you are cutting thicker stemmed woody plants. I also suggest getting a holster to carry it, to keep them handy and ready for use.
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