Wildcrafting Tools-Draw Knives And Debraking Tools

Additional Information:

Scientific Name: Wildcrating Tools
Common Name: Wildcrafting-Debarking tools
Family: Draw knife
Description: These tools are used to remove the bark from tree stems and branches. I don’t ever do this from a standing live tree, only if the tree has been cut down or the branches are removed. The large draw knife at the top of the photo is a traditional style, used to remove bark from tree trunks and larger branches. The middle one is for smaller branches. The lightweight stainless steel cleaver on the bottom is one I use the most. I like the weight and shape of it for medium and smaller branches and stems. With the draw knives, you grasp the two handles and pull (draw) the tool through the bark towards you. It is important to keep them sharp as it makes the job much easier. For medicine, the inner bark is used, so if there is a lot of outer bark (the corky bits) sometimes you initially remove the outer bark and then remove the inner bark. Debarking trees is a skill as there are often variations on how to remove the inner bark depending what type of tree it is. You can find the larger draw knife for about $10-$20 at places where they sell old tools. The smaller one you can find online and I purchased this cleaver for $5 in Chinatown, NYC.
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