Cataviña, Baja California Preface I originally started this blog to write about my search to find Damiana growing in its native habitat in Baja California, Mexico. But in my regular loquacious manner, it has become a travelogue (and a chance to show off some photos). If it Damiana that you are interested in, just…(Read More)

Preparing the Wild lettuce tincture Pre-Prelude If you are just interested in how to prepare this concentrated tincture, you can skip to the bottom of the page for the directions. There is also a link for a handout with the instructions that can be printed out. Prelude and Story Many years ago, I heard…(Read More)

The Tincture Press


With Diagrams to Build One Tincture Press I currently have two tincture presses. The one featured here is quite large and heavy. I have had it for over 20 years and it still functions well. A few parts needed to be altered and fabricated, mainly the accessories such as the pans, steel plates, and block…(Read More)

Anna Pierce Hobbs Bixby was a female frontier doctor and in today’s language, an all-around badass. She was one of the first white people to learn the cause of milk sickness and to document it. There are numerous stories about her life and while some aspects are likely embellished, she seems a smart…(Read More)

Bog Blog


Or, Wetlands I Have Known Adirondacks Bog. Roaming this environment and feeling the wind blowing across the open expanse They are also the main source of peat (also known as ‘turf’). Peat is made up of decomposing plant matter and is a fuel for people in places where there is a lack of other sources…(Read More)

Tribute to Michael Moore


Michael Moore, the herbalist, died of kidney complications on February 20, 2008.  This is a tribute I wrote for him then. Michael Moore on a field trip, July 1995Michael Moore on a field trip to the Chiricahua’s in Arizona. March 10, 2005 Michael Moore was one of my most important and influential herbal…(Read More)

This post is about the medicinal qualities of Wild hydrangea. These are the native forms of the showy ornamental shrubs. Inflorescence of Ashy hydrangea (Hydrangea cinerea, Hydrangeaceae). Cherokee NF, TN. July 9, 2018 Botanical Information Family Hydrangeaceae (formerly Saxifragaceae)There are 9 genera of Hydrangeaceae in the US Genus species Three eastern species are the…(Read More)

Valerian Monograph


Personal Responsibility Warning I like to write about herbal medicine and healthcare and I hope you find the information useful. However, it is important for people to take personal responsibility for what they use, ingest and/or give to others. I try to present clear information, but there is always a chance that the information…(Read More)

Notes about Sleep and Herbs


Notes about Herbs and Sleep November 21, 2018 Quality sleep is important for both mental and physical health. Unfortunately insomnia affects many people. I see it commonly in almost all of the settings I work in. What I’d like to do in this post is to give a few suggestions about helping with some…(Read More)