Valerian Monograph


Personal Responsibility Warning I like to write about herbal medicine and healthcare and I hope you find the information useful. However, it is important for people to take personal responsibility for what they use, ingest and/or give to others. I try to present clear information, but there is always a chance that the information…(Read More)

Notes about Sleep and Herbs


Notes about Herbs and Sleep November 21, 2018 Quality sleep is important for both mental and physical health. Unfortunately insomnia affects many people. I see it commonly in almost all of the settings I work in. What I’d like to do in this post is to give a few suggestions about helping with some…(Read More)

Walk Like A Clinician Lessons Learned Working at the Ithaca Free Clinic #1 Patient Agency and Useful Questions I have been working as a clinical herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic for the past 12 years. It is a continual learning experience on many levels and from many perspectives. I recently started putting together some…(Read More)

     Introduction Anemone is a genus of beautiful flowering plants growing in various regions of the United States and other parts of the world. It is an unusual plant in its very specific and useful medicinal properties. The main use discussed here is its value in helping alleviate panic attacks.  Panic attacks This is…(Read More)

Introduction This is a photo blog of my attempt at removing burdock seeds from the sticky seed heads. There is also a description of how I plan to use these seeds as medicine. I have wanted to make medicine from them for a while, but was daunted by the task. This year I finally put…(Read More)

Introduction This article is about my herbal first aid bag. I am writing about it for two main reasons: First, with the accompanying photos and information I hope to persuade someone to make me a new version of this bag. And secondly, I hope this information is helpful for others who would like to make…(Read More)